We are asked a lot about out custom products so here is the information. Our custom products are made from the same high quality material as our retail products. We don’t just corners or substitute material, we only use first quality materials. We will design a custom look for your kimonos matching the colors of the DFKC logos to your academies logos, we never just use stock kimonos then throw your school patches on them and call it a custom kimonos. Speaking of patches, you will never ever see us use screen printed patchwork, we only use high quality fully embroidered, woven and sublimation patches, direct embroidery is an option for some applications. We have a ton of added touches that you and your student will grow to recognize as you wear the kimonos.

We know that there are less expensive and more expensive options out there, but when you compare apples to apples we are the best!

I hear from academies all the time that the ordered custom kimonos from XXXX Big Named Company and the kimono material was different from the regular retail material from XXX Big Named Company. This does not with all companies, and there are other good companies out there, however this is trend I have been hearing about for years.

We don’t just make kimonos; we make hoodies, rashguards, shorts and belts. We have sizes for Men, women, and youth. If we don’t have your size, we might just make it for you!

We are not trying to take over the world; I am a student of jiu Jitsu who started a company making jiu Jitsu gear and not the opposite. I got tired of products that did not fit or did not last, so my goal was to make an ultra premium product at a reasonable price, and I have accomplished that mission. By the way we have 47 different sizes available cut and designed for men women and children of every size and shape!

When you demand the best for your student and your students expect the same, contact us and we will take care of you. If you are looking for the cheapest price and lower quality we are simply not that company. Lastly, we stand by our products and we will always provide you with the best customer service in the business. ANYTHING LESS IS UNACCEPTABLE!

Da Firma Kimono Company