Black Belt/ Head instructor Carlson Gracie Henderson
Romulo Caiado: our newest sponsored athlete, is a Black Belt under Master Ricardo Cavalcanti , is a fierce competitor (full bio coming soon).

His recent super fight win over former UFC fighter Jesse Forbes, giving up 30lbs, has the rest of the division taking notice.


Colleen is 16 yrs old and has been practicing and competing in BJJ since she was 7. She is a multi time NAGA , US Grappling, Good Fight, Junior Grappling champion. She was 1st place season points winner in the Junior Grappling associations 2011 season.

Over the past couple years ( Competing in Teens and Womens divisions ) Colleen has played a major roll in helping Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu East Coast take first place team points in NAGA, US Grappling, The Good Fight, and Junior Grappling. Colleen wishes to compete in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts at a world class level in the future.

Colleen enjoys teaching kids at Bushido MMA ( Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu) in Portsmouth Virginia. She also enjoys wrestling and volleyball in Middle School. She is currently an honor roll student at Independence Middle School in Va. Beach Va.

Kym Sturdivant

Brown Belt
I was born in Springfield, Ma where I graduated from Springfield Central High School. I was a standout football player and wrestler. I went on to play 3 years of collegiate football and was required to put on a lot of extra weight. Upon graduating college I was having issues with losing weight, which is when I found a local BJJ school in 2006. After 9 months of just BJJ I decided to move on to a new school and try my hand at MMA. I competed as a member of American Martial Arts Academy under Jason Franklin until meeting Gabriel “Gladiator” Santos when he started teaching BJJ classes at our school. I was so excited to get back in the gi and have been training with Gladiator ever since. While a white belt I mostly competed in local competition but it was when I received my blue belt that I begun to get the BJJ bug and started chasing higher levels of competition. My first big accomplishment was winning the 2012 IBJJF No-gi Pan American Championship in my weight division and in the open weight (absolute) division. This accomplishment also earned me a number ranking in the World in No-gi. Since earning my purple belt I have placed at every tournament I have entered and have won several titles including the AMMO title, Grapplers Quest Canadian and European National Championships, IBJJF Boston Open champion, and 2nd place at the IBJJF Master Worlds and Pan American (Gi) Championships. I have also been ranked #1 in the world for IBJJF Master 1 Ultra Purple. In October I was promoted to brown belt and my goal is to win a world title and work towards a #1 ranking. Off of the mats I am a husband and father of 5, 4 of my children also study BJJ. I am a middle school math teacher and am working on my PhD in Educational Psychology and am on track to graduate in Spring 2016.

Eli Knight

Black Belt/Three Rivers Martial Arts
Eli Knight began his martial arts journey in an area of the US with limited resources to martial arts instruction. Eli spent the first couple of years as a teenager in Tae Kwon Do, achieving a brown belt, before finding a Japanese Jiu-Jitsu instructor, Jason Hawkins, who would change his life. Eli studied under Hawkins, acquiring his black belt in traditional Jiu-Jitsu, before learning about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, which was scarcely around at the time in the Midwest.

In the early 1990s, after having watched the first Ultimate Fighting Championships take place, Eli and his training colleagues began travelling and attending Royce Gracie seminars throughout the US. Eventually, Three Rivers Martial Arts Academy as it would come to be known, became a Gracie Academy Association and later a Royce Gracie Network Affiliate School. Sixteen years later, Eli earned his black belt under Royce Gracie and has been training under Royce now for nearly 20 years. Eli is one of around 50 black belts under Royce in the entire world.

Eli Knight is a full-time instructor at his home base academy of Three Rivers Martial Arts in Paducah, KY. When Eli isn’t traveling to teach seminars or compete occasionally, he is instructing every day of the week, group classes and private lessons, kids and adults. He is passionate about training and teaching, always hoping to change lives of others the way his was changed through his journey in Jiu-Jitsu.

Eli has competed numerous times over his near 2 decades of Jiu-Jitsu training in events such as the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Nationals, Bluegrass BJJ Open, SEMO Grappling Challenge, Jiu-Jitsu ProGear International & NAGA events. Most recently, Eli placed 2nd in the No Gi Men’s Master Advanced Class in NAGA. Eli devotes most of his time to training and teaching rather than competition, but loves the sport aspect of Jiu-Jitsu and believes that competition is a valuable tool in the refinement of a martial artist.

The only thing more important to Eli than Jiu-Jitsu is his family. He has a wife, two stepsons, and a daughter who can tap him out with the bat of an eyelash.


BJJ Brown Belt/ GFTeam
Lana Hunter began training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in July 2008. She received her blue belt from Joshua Lauber of Relson Gracie in June 2009, purple belt from Andre “Tim” Monteiro of Carlson Gracie/BJJ Revolution Team in December 2011, and brown belt from Bruno Alves of GFTeam in July 2014. Presently, she trains at Ohana Academy-GFTeam in San Antonio, TX.

Lana’s past martial arts experience included a year of taekwondo and a few months krav maga before finding the beautiful art of Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Lana was not an athlete before training jiu-jitsu and jiu-jitsu has shown her how to use her body and mind in a way she never imagined, and it has brought feelings of empowerment, achievement, and mental toughness. Jiu-jitsu has been such a positive force in her life; she wants everyone to experience the power of jiu-jitsu, especially women. In order to make jiu-jitsu more accessible and welcoming to new women, she teaches a women’s jiu-jitsu class twice a month that is open to all women of the community and catered to beginners. She is also an active volunteer with Girls in Gis, an organization dedicated to bringing the female jiu-jitsu community together. She also enjoys competing in BJJ and has been actively competing ever since she was a white belt at local and national levels. Lana is also a brand ambassador for NeoCell supplements and Gi Soap.

Lana earned a Bachelors of Music in Music Therapy and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. She is a licensed psychologist and currently works with the geriatric population when away from the mats.

Gillian Silver

Purple Belt/Brazen Martial Arts
Gillian Silver was a varsity-level athlete in both soccer and lacrosse in high school. She joined Brazen Martial Arts in December 2011 to get healthy and improve her overall fitness. Starting from 200 lbs, she decided to try a grappling tournament just 5 months later. Through hard work, discipline, and the support of the coaches at Brazen Martial Arts, she weighed in at 134.9 lbs and won her first gold medal. She has been actively training and competing since that time. Gillian is also a PhD candidate in the Microbiology and Molecular Genetics Department at Rutgers University pursuing research in the genetics of Schizophrenia.

Purple Belt in Brazillian Jiu Jitsu under Master Rigan Machado/Sensei Erik Paulson
Combat Submission Wrestling – Coach Level 1 under Sensei Erik Paulson
Scientific Wrestling – Level 3 Catch Wrestler under Coach Billy Robinson

April 2013 – PGL Women’s Flyweight Champion
#1 RANKED 2013 Female No-Gi Grappler 18+
May 2014 – PGL Women’s Bantamweight Champion
No Gi Pan American Champion (Masters 1/Blue Belt/Middle Weight and Absolute) 2014
No Gi Worlds Champion (Masters 1/Purple Belt/Light Weight and Absolute) 2015


2nd Degree Black Belt/ BTT Boston
Bruno Amaral was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where he began studying jiu-jitsu at the age of fifteen under Crezio Souza of the Carlson Gracie Team. Aside from being an avid jiu-jitsu practitioner, he also studied physical education and personal training from Estácio de Sá University. In 2009, Bruno moved to Boston, MA where he continued studying jiu-jitsu under João Amaral of the Brazilian Top Team. Bruno was awarded his black belt from Professor João Amaral soon after placing second at the World No-Gi Championships in the Brown Belt division in March 2010. In July 2013, Bruno received his first degree by professor Joao Amaral and Daniel Gazoni. During his time in Boston, Bruno has been teaching jiu-jitsu at a variety of schools and assisting students through group and private classes and enjoys competing and coaching his students in tournaments across the region. With just over fifteen years’ experience under his belt, today Bruno is the head instructor of Brazilian Top Team Boston, located in Everett, MA.


Brazilian Top Team Boston, Everett, MA – Nov. 2009 – Present
Crezio Souza – Carlson Gracie Team, Rio de Janeiro, BR – Apr. 1998 – Nov. 2009


Black Belt
• 2014 CTBJJF Winter Open, Gi, (CT, USA) – First Place
• 2014 CTBJJF Winter Open, Gi, Absolute (CT, USA) – First Place
• 2012 Toronto Grappling Grand Prix, Gi, (ON, CA) – 2nd Place
• 2012 New York International, Gi, (NY, USA) – Third Place
• 2011 Freestyle Grappling Open, No-Gi, (ME, USA) – First Place
• 2011 Freestyle Grappling Open, Gi, (ME, USA) – First Place
• 2011 Pan American Championship, No-Gi, (NY, USA) – Second Place
• 2011 World Pro Championships, Gi, (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
• 2011 World Pro Championships, No-Gi, (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
• 2011 Abu Dhabi World Pro Trial, Gi, (Montreal, Canada) – First Place

Brown Belt
• 2009 World Championships, No-Gi, (CA, USA) – Second Place


BJJ Brown Belt
Brown Belt in Judo, recreational practitioner. Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Instructor of women’s jiu Jitsu and fulltime student and pre-school teacher.
Shane Rice (student)- 2009 to present
Victory Jiu Jitsu Academy- 2012 to present
Brown Belt
-Abu Dhabi Pro Trials Montreal, Gi,(QC, CA)-Bronze
-Pan American Championships, Gi,(CA, USA)-Bronze
Purple Belt
-Vegas Summer Open, Gi,(NV, USA)-Gold
Blue Belt
-Worlds Championships, Gi,(CA, USA)-Competitor
White Belt
-Western Canadian Martial Arts Championships, Gi,(BC, CA)-Gold
-Revolution Tournament, Gi,(BC, CA)-Gold
-Western Canadian Martial Arts Championships, Gi,(BC, CA)-Gold
Master of Counseling Psychology: Art Therapy (2006)
Adlerian Psychology of British Columbia- Vancouver, BC

Certified Parenting Facilitator (CPF) (2005)
Adlerian Psychology of British Columbia- Vancouver, BC

The Early Years: Relationships (2004)
University of British Columbia- Vancouver, BC

Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) (2002)
Vancouver Community College- Vancouver, BC

Nathalia Amaral

Black Belt BTT Boston
We are proud to have Nathalia on the DFKC team. She is a life time martial artist with black belt in a traditional style of karate called Uechi-Ryu and a Brazilian Top Team Black Belt under Joao Amaral and Daniel Gazoni at BTT Boston in Everett, Massachusetts.


Brazilian Top team, Everett, MA December 2007 – Present
Xtreme Ninja Martial Arts Center, Medford, MA March 2011 – Present

Black Belt

Brown Belt
• Boston International Spring Open, Gi, Absolute, (Boston, USA) – Second Place
• Boston International Spring Open, Gi, (Boston, USA) – First Place
• CTBJJF Winter Open, Gi, (CT, USA) – First Place

• Boston International Summer Open, Gi, Absolute, (Boston, USA) – First Place
• Boston International Summer Open, Gi, (Boston, USA) – First Place
• World Championships, Gi, (CA, USA) – Third Place
• Pan American Championships, Gi, (CA, USA) – First Place
• Boston International Winter Open, Gi, Absolute, (Boston, USA) – Second Place
• Boston International Winter Open, Gi, (Boston, USA) – First Place

• Toronto Grappling Grand Prix, Gi, (Ontario, Canada) – First Place
• Toronto Grappling Grand Prix, Gi, Absolute, (Ontario, Canada) – First Place
• Boston International Open, Gi, Absolute, (Boston, USA) – First Place
• Boston International Open, Gi, (Boston, USA) – First Place

Purple Belt
• World Championships, Gi, (CA, USA) – Second Place
• New York International Open, Gi, (NY, USA) – First Place
• Pan American Championships, Gi, (CA, USA) – Second Place
• Abu Dhabi World Pro Trial, Gi, (NY, USA) – Third Place
• Abu Dhabi World Pro Trial, Gi, (Texas, USA) – Third Place
• Miami International Open, Gi, Absolute, (FL, USA) – Second Place
• Miami International Open, Gi, (FL, USA) – Second Place
• Freestyle Grappling Open, No-Gi, (ME, USA) – First Place
• Freestyle Grappling Open, Gi, (ME, USA) – Second Place
• Boston International Open, Gi, Absolute, (Boston, USA) – First Place
• Boston International Open, Gi, (Boston, USA) – First Place
• Montreal International Open, Gi, Absolute, (Montreal, Canada) – First Place
• Montreal International Open, Gi, (Montreal, Canada) – First Place
• New York International Open, Gi, (NY, USA) – Second Place
• European Championship, Gi, Absolute, (Lisbon, Portugal) – First Place
• European Championship, Gi, (Lisbon, Portugal) – First Place
• Associacíon Panameña de Jiu Jitsu, Gi, (Panama City, Panama) – First Place
• Abu Dhabi World Pro Trial, Gi, (Montreal, Canada) – Third Place
• Caxcudo World Cup Championships, Gi, Absolute (Boston, USA) – First Place
• New York International Open, Gi, (NY, USA) – Second Place
• Grapplers Quest UFC Fan Expo, Gi, (Boston, USA) – Third Place
• European Championship, Gi, (Lisbon, Portugal) – Third Place
• Long Island Pride, Gi, Absolute, (New York, USA) – Second Place

Blue Belt
• European Championship, Gi, (Lisbon, Portugal) – First Place
• New York International Open, Gi, (NY, USA) – First Place
• Freestyle Grappling Open, Gi, (ME, USA) – First Place
• Freestyle Grappling Open, Gi, Absolute (ME, USA) – First Place Place

White Belt
• North American Grappling Association (NAGA) New Jersey, No-Gi (NJ, USA) – Third Place


Masters in Business Administration (May 2010)
Suffolk University – Sawyer School of Business, Boston, MA

Bachelors in Economics and Finance (Minor in Modern Languages – Spanish) (Feb 2)
Bentley University, Waltham, MA


MMA/BJJ Brown Belt
Rank: Brown Belt
MMA Record: 3-1
Height: 5’3
Weight: Light feather (pluma)
Hometown: Mangilao, Guam
Fighting Out Of: Gracie Humaitá Austin and Austin Kickboxing Academy (AKATX)

Born and raised on the Pacific island of Guam, she began her jiu-jitsu training there at the age of 17. After less than 6 months of training, she moved to Texas for college and later graduated from the University of Texas. She began competing in Texas as a white belt starting in 2005.

In 2006 Tessa began training Muay Thai, keeping focus on jiu-jitsu while balancing work and school life. In 2009 she transitioned into professional MMA with her first two fights at 115lbs., winning both early in the first round, and then losing her third fight at a higher catch weight.

After taking a break to focus on finishing school and her professional career since her last fight in 2009, Tessa recently began competing again in 2012. She is looking to compete often and plans to compete at her first IBJJF tournament this year at the Worlds. She also plans to return to MMA later this year.

Although not an active instructor, Tessa enjoys helping others with their training and on how to live a healthier lifestyle. She believes in leading by example and accomplishing goals through hard work and dedication.

Professional Bio:

Tessa currently works full time as a web developer and owns Austin Kickboxing Academy with her fiancé Randy. She has also been working as a photographer since 2005, and has experience with graphic design, project management, marketing, and business development.


University of Texas at Austin, December 2009
Major: BS Computer Science
Minor Equivalent: Business Foundations

BJJ Competition History:

2013 Competitor, Abu Dhabi World Pro Trials, -139.9lbs. Purple+ in San Antonio, TX
2012 Gold, Austin Open, -119.9 lbs. No-Gi in Austin, TX
2012 Silver, Austin Open, Purple+ Open Weight in Austin, TX
2012 Gold, Europa Torque Tour, -119.9 lbs. Purple+ in Dallas, TX
2012 Competitor, Europa Torque Tour, Purple+ Absolute in Dallas, TX
2009 Gold, Texas Open, -119.9 lbs. Purple+ in Austin, TX
2009 Silver, Texas Open, No-Gi Absolute in Austin, TX
2009 Competitor, Animal Fightwear No-Gi Superfight vs. Sue Ausman in Houston, TX
2007 Gold, King of Kombat, Gi Open Weight in Austin, TX
2007 Gold, King of Kombat, No-Gi Division in Austin, TX
2007 Silver, Elite Grapplers Championship, Blue Belt division in Dallas, TX
2007 Gold, Winter Wars, Featherweight Blue Belt division in Dallas, TX
2007 Competitor, Winter Wars, Blue Belt Open Weight in Dallas, TX
2007 Silver, NAGA, No-Gi in Honolulu, HI
2007 Bronze, NAGA, Blue Belt in Honolulu, HI
2006 Silver, Ground Control Championship, Blue Belt in Houston, TX
2006 Bronze, Elite Submission Championship, Gi Absolute in Houston, TX
2006 Bronze, Elite Submission Championship, Blue/Purple in Houston, TX
2006 Gold, Gracie Jiu-Jitsu World Championship, Blue Belt in Torrance, CA
2006 Competitor, Elite Grapplers Championship, Blue Belt in Dallas, TX
2006 Silver, Arnold’s Classic, Blue Belt Open Weight in Columbus, OH
2006 Competitor, Arnold’s Classic, Amateur No-Gi in Columbus, OH
2005 Competitor, Grapple Mania, White Belt Open Weight in Houston, TX
2005 Competitor, Grapple Mania, No-Gi Open Weight in Houston, TX

Jorge Gurgel

Black Belt/MMA/SAS Jorge Gurgel MMA
Gurgel is originally from Fortaleza, Brazil, where he earned a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu under Marcus Aurélio. Gurgel starred in the second season of The Ultimate Fighter television series and was eliminated from the show in the fifth episode due to a loss to Jason Von Flue via unanimous decision, but showed tremendous heart by fighting with a blown ACL. Gurgel’s match with Diego Saraiva at UFC 73 was designated as the “Fight of the Night” by the UFC.

Gurgel has trained known fighters such as Rich Franklin, Justin Edwards, Zoila Frausto, Dustin Hazelett, Jason Butcher, and Sean Salmon.

Jamie Colleen

MMA/KOTC Champion
Jamie Colleen burst onto the woman's MMA scene in February of 2013. Born in Huntington, West Virginia on November 2, 1985 to parents Renee and Milton Miller, Jamie was a natural athlete from a young age. Participating in gymnastics, volleyball, and track and field, Jamie maintained a balanced regimen that would later become the foundation of her core strength and conditioning.
As the youngest of 4 children in the Miller household, Jamie was born with the soul of a fighter. At the age of 19, Jamie was exposed to kickboxing as a new alternative to high school athletics and she instantly developed a deep connection to the sport. Jamie continued to network within the industry which led to her fascination with Mixed Martial Arts and the study of Jiu Jitsu where she later obtained a Blue Belt.
Determined to progress her MMA career, Jamie Colleen relocated her family to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she currently resides with her daughter Selena. Under the guidance of Dante Rivera, Bobby Johnson, Daniel Gracie, and Sideco Honor, Jamie trains in affiliation with Renzo Gracie Team Dante Rivera Ricardo Almeida BJJ.
Jamie Colleen made her Mixed Martial Arts professional debut in the strawweight division at 115 lbs in 2013. According to Tapology Predictions, Jamie had a 74% advantage over her competitor Sumi Sakai in CFFC 19 which later proved to be accurate. With her first win on the books, Colleen defeated Sakai via TKO at 3:32 of Round 3.
In 2015 Jamie was signed to King of the Cage, a Mixed Martial Arts promotion based in Southern California. Colleen's first scheduled title fight was on August 29, 2015 where she dethroned (6-1-0) Danielle Taylor to become the Strawweight Champion by way of KO in the 4th round. Jamie Colleen became an overnight sensation, demanding attention from veterans in the industry.
On January 8, 2016, Jamie had to defend her title for the first time against (4-3-0) Callie Cutler. Once again Jamie prevailed and defeated Cutler by way of TKO in the 5th round.
Jamie Colleen is the current title holder for King of the Cage woman's Strawweight Division and continues to refine her talents as she eagerly awaits her next opponent

Tamdan McCorry

MMA/BJJ/ Head Instructor BCMAA
Tamdan “The Barn Cat” McCrory burst onto the MMA scene at just 19 years old, competing in venues across the Northeastern US. Known for his aggressive and tenacious style, “The Barn Cat” went 8-0 in his first year of competition, stopping all of his opponents before ever reaching the third round. At age 20, he was signed by the UFC© and won his debut against Pete Spratt at Ultimate Fight Night 10 in June of 2007 by triangle choke in the second round.
“The Barn Cat” took a hiatus from MMA competition after being released from the UFC© in August of 2009. During this time, he honed his craft and developed his skills while staying active in Jiu-Jitsu competitions. In May of 2012, he earned his Purple Belt under Ken Kronenberg of Tai Kai Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a Team Balance affiliate. His accomplishments during this time include:
1st Place – 2011 Grapplers Quest: Beast of the East Tournament – Blue Belt
1st Place – 2014 NAGA: Albany – Purple Belt+ (Gi)
1st Place – 2014 NAGA: Albany – Expert No-Gi
1st Place – 2014 IBJJF: Boston Spring Open – Purple Belt
In the summer of 2014, “The Barn Cat” signed with Bellator MMA and made a triumphant return to the cage with a stunning 21 second knockout over Season 9 Tournament winner and Middleweight title challenger Brennan Ward. On February 27th, he stunned the crowd again and made it 2-0 in the Bellator cage by submitting BJJ Black Belt Jason Butcher by arm bar in 66 seconds.
McCrory is also a certified Muay Thai instructor under both Ajarn Chai Sirisute of the Thai Boxing Association of America, and Kevin Seaman of Smiling Tiger Muay Thai. He also holds rank as a JKD instructor under Kevin Seaman. When not battling in the cage, he spends his time teaching and developing students of all ages at B.C. Martial Arts Academy, located in Binghamton, NY.
Find him on the web at:

Ben Eaton

Black Belt/ RJJA/ Jiu Jitsu Institute
Ben’s fascination for Jiu-Jitsu, like most others in his generation, began when he first watched Royce Gracie in the first Ultimate Fighting Championships. After graduating college in 1997 he officially began his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu journey and even had the chance to once train with Royce in 1999. Ben even had the privilege of consistently training with UFC Hall of Famer Dan “The Beast” Severn as they only lived 45 minutes apart. Ben’s fascination and relentless passion for learning lead to meeting and establishing a longtime friendship and mentorship with Saulo and Xande Ribeiro. This relationship led Ben becoming a Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu Association instructor in 2006. On 10/10/2009 Ben had the honor of becoming the 6th American to be promoted to the rank of Black Belt by Saulo Ribeiro. Currently Ben lives in Virginia with his beautiful wife and business partner, Heidi and runs the Jiu-Jitsu Institute, Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu Association- Yorktown, VA.

Not only is Ben a passionate instructor and small business owner, but he is also an active competitor. Since black belt, some of his tournament accomplishments are:
• 2014 IBJJF Atlanta Open Master 2 Black Belt Middleweight- Bronze
• 2014 ADCC VA Nationals Black Belt Middleweight- Gold Medal
• 2013 IBJJF Atlanta Open Senior 1 Black Belt Medium Heavy- Silver
• 2013 IBJJF Atlanta Open Senior 1 Black Belt Open- Bronze
• 2012 NAGA Virginia Beach Black Belt Division Champion
• 2011 NAGA Richmond Bleak belt Absolute Division- Silver
• 2011 NAGA Atlanta Black Belt Superheavy- Silver
• 2011 NAGA Atlanta No-GI Expert Cruiserweight- Silver
• 2010 RJJA In-House Black Belt Heavyweight- Bronze
• 2010 Arnold Grappling Championships Black Belt Light Heavy- Silver
• 2010 Arnold Grappling Championships Black Belt Open- Bronze

Keith Owen

Black Belt/Team Rhino
Keith Owen lives in Boise Idaho and is a 3rd degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Legendary 8th degree Gracie Black Belt Professor Pedro Sauer. ( Keith also holds black belts in two other martial arts styles, a 4th degree in TAI kung-fu and a black sash in Wu Wei Gung Fu under Bruce Lee Student Joseph Cowles.

Mr. Owen has worked in Law Enforcement as a Sheriff’s Deputy and as a handgun and shotgun instructor for Front Sight Firearms ( Institute in Las Vegas Nevada.

Keith also instructs Ground control to police officers at the Idaho Police Academy. Mr. Owen is credited with creating the Ground Control program for Police Officers in the State of Idaho.

Mr. Owen spends the majority of time running his school called, “Ultimate Karate and Jiu-Jitsu” at in Meridian, Idaho. Keith also travels extensively giving BJJ seminars around the world. He is also the owner of

Andrea E. Encarnacion

Black Belt/Elite BJJ
Andrea E. Encarnacion, 24 was born and raised in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Her Jiu Jitsu journey began when Andrea signed up for swimming lessons in her local community center. As it turns out, the classes were already filled. The staff told her the only available classes are was for Jiu Jitsu. She went ahead and gave Jiu Jitsu a try and after, she fell in love with the sport. That was where she met Master Hercules Baptista, Azo Jiu Jitsu Academy who she trained under for 12 years earning her black belt from Master Hercules in 2011. Little did Andrea know the switch from swimming to Jiu Jitsu would have turned her into an accomplished Jiu Jitsu athlete, winning many major tournaments including:
·         6 State Championships
·         4 Brazilian National Championships
·         No-Gi Brazilian National Championship
·         World Championship 
·         Pan-American Championship 
Andrea continued to pursue her passion which ultimately led her to Seattle, Washington where she has been training at Elite Brazilian Jiu Jitsu of Bothell / Azo JJ for the past 3 years and currently serves as the Head instructor for the school. Supplementing her passion for Jiu Jitsu, Andrea is pursuing a career in personal training and hopes to inspire more people to improve there lives through fitness!

Paulo Ribeiro

Paulo Ribeiro BJJ
Paulo Ribeiro
Paulo Ribeiro was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. At age 11, I moved to Maceio, Alagoas, Brazil, where at 16 years old I found my life's passion of brazilian jiu jitsu. He trained under the tutelage of Diojone Farias who is currently a fifth degree black belt. At 27, he came to the U.S. to train and compete. Paulo decided to stay and teach in Little Rock, Arkansas, which is where he met my wife, Natalie. Not long after, they moved to her hometown of Naples, Florida and start their school and family, Paulo Ribeiro Brazilian Jitsu, . Paulo’s drive to be the best he can be; training, teaching and competing in Jiu Jitsu is how he continues to improve everyday. He takes every day as a challenge to improve in every aspect of his life as person, husband, father, competitor, and instructor.
Competition history
• 1st place in division, IBJJF Miami International Open 2014
• 2nd place in absolute, IBJJF Miami International Open 2014
• 2nd place ADCC Abu Dhabi Pro 2013
• 2nd place IBJJF Miami International Open 2013
• Quarter-finalist IBJJF Worlds 2009
• Quarter-finalist IBJJF Worlds 2008
• 3rd place Pan American 2008
• 3rd place Sul Americana 2007
• 7x Maceio, Alagoas State Champion