Strength and Conditioning

DAFIRMA Training Philosophy

Here at DAFIRMA we believe that everyone can benefit from increasing their current level of fitness. Whether it’s increasing athletic performance on the field, on the mat, or with whatever life throws at you we offer custom, scientifically constructed programs based on individual needs and proven methods.

The goal of our training programs is to improve athletic performance through intelligent physical preparation. Simply put, our programs provide the foundation for the athlete to perform their sport-specific skills faster and without fatigue. A fit athlete is more resilient making them less prone to injury and able to perform greater amounts of high-quality skill work.

We understand that everyone is unique so our programs are constructed based on the following:
1) Physiological needs or limiting factors of the athlete? (Performance Testing)
2) What are the Demands of the Sport?
3) Movement Quality/ Efficiency and Injury Prevention Screening. 

Programs: Each Program will focus on specific training adaptions that emphasis the big picture
Youth Athletic Development
*Primary Focus: Injury Prevention/ Movement Quality
Long-Term Development

Combat Sports (BJJ, Wrestling, MMA)
*Primary Focus: Power
Relative Strength
Speed Endurance

Team Sports (Football, Soccer, ect)
*Primary Focus: Equivalent Amounts of Power & Capacity
Aerobic-Alactic: Max Power + Aerobic Capacity

Mixed Domain (Military, Fire, Law Enforcement, Rescue)
*Primary Focus: High Level of Work Capacity
Mixed Balance of Strength, Power, and Endurance

Adult Fitness & Training (Health & Wellness, Move Better - Feel Better)
*Primary Focus: Your Goals, whether its weight loss or run your first 5k